Deployment / operation


Applications known to use libvirt

Manual pages

Manual pages for libvirt tools / daemons


Downloads for Windows


Working with libvirt on macOS


Migrating guests between machines


Overview of the daemons provided by libvirt

Remote access

Enable remote access over TCP

TLS certs

Generate and deploy x509 certificates for TLS


Configure authentication for the libvirt daemon

Access control

Configure access control libvirt APIs with polkit


The library and the daemon logging support

Audit log

Audit trail logs for host operations


Firewall and network filter configuration


Hooks for system specific management

SSH Proxy

Enable SSH into guests over a VSOCK

NSS module

Enable domain host name translation to IP addresses


Frequently asked questions

Application development

API reference

Reference manual for the C public API, split in common, domain, domain checkpoint, domain snapshot, error, event, host, interface, network, node device, network filter, secret, storage, stream and admin, QEMU, LXC libs

Language bindings and API modules

Bindings of the libvirt API for c#, go (all go modules), java, ocaml, perl, python, php, ruby and integration API modules for D-Bus

XML schemas

Description of the XML schemas for domains, networks, network ports, network filtering, storage, storage encryption, capabilities, domain capabilities, storage pool capabilities, node devices, secrets, snapshots, checkpoints, backup jobs

URI format

The URI formats used for connecting to libvirt


Control groups integration


Hypervisor specific driver information

Support guarantees

Details of support status for various interfaces

Driver support

matrix of API support per hypervisor per release

Knowledge Base

Task oriented guides to key features

Project development

Contributor guidelines

General hacking guidelines for contributors

Docs style guide

Style guidelines for reStructuredText docs

Project strategy

Sets a vision for future direction & technical choices


Details on our Continuous Integration

Upstream issue handling

Outlines the process of handling issues as well as describes the supported issue types along with their life cycle.

Bug reports

How and where to report bugs and request features


How to compile libvirt


Terminology and goals of libvirt API

API concepts

The libvirt API concepts

API extensions

Adding new public libvirt APIs


Details various types of testing available for libvirt

New repo setup

Procedure for configuring new git repositories for libvirt

Libvirt logos

Libvirt logo files and guideline how to use them